the making of “Crust Of The Icy River”

“Crust Of The Icy River” was written in Nashville 2006. This was my first time ever in Nashville and I was doing an internship at Curb Publishing. And that’s where I meet the co-writer on this song, Jeffersson Ross. Jeff had recently seen a documentary about nature, water and ice. And that’s were the title of the song was inspired from. “Crust of the icy river” is about emotions, feelings and scars that are not visual for the eye. It’s about how the past reflects on the future and the struggle to change that. That most of us wear a mask that doesn’t let anyone see what’s really going on inside of us.

The song was released on my debut EP “Memorylane” in 2008 and it got aired on radio in Sweden, USA and Belgium. As well as released on 3 collection-albums. I decided to re-record it in 2010 in the original shuffle version since it’s always been the way I play it live. It was released as a second track on my single “Sick and Tired” and the recording I like the most. “Crust Of The Icy River” is still one of my favorite songs among the ones I’ve written or co-written.