Press reviews

” ‘Paper Planes and Skylines’, is a charming slice of country pop that is as youthful as it is wise. Helmed by the heavenly lead single ‘Home’ (a tribute to the place she grew up and what it means to her), which dropped in June, the record is a 10-track collection of wonderfully-produced musings on love and heartbreak, and all the emotions that come with that. (..) Throughout the record Ulrika’s songwriting is particularly strong and finds her wise beyond her years, yet still innocent and naïve enough to be a relatable and likeable figure. Ulrika’s melodies shine in a manner that is understated but also very instant, highlighting her impressively watertight songcraft and very capable, insightful lyricism. Her voice, in its quivering, charming soprano, is versatile but very distinctive and pretty, and I’m sure she will go down a storm” – For The Country Record, US

”(..)she writes countrypop like she’s never done anything else. Ulrika Ölund who’s already an established name in the songwriter industry will continue take the stage with the world as an audience.” -Groove, SWE

“Her vocal performance is flawless. When she fires her charming smile, behind the microphone  during a perfect chorus, she feels like a star” – Sundsvalls Tidning, SWE

“(..) it gets mighty emotional when Ölunds slow swaying melodies and calm cocktail of Nashville influenced country sound and modern pop is being played. Her quivering and beautiful voice echoes over her twanged chords. Really skilfully performed” – Dagbladet, SWE

” (..) music fans are going to love this young woman’s music and they will soon be tapping their toes, nodding their heads and when they learn the words they will be singing along to her songs, as they play on the radio.” -Riveting Riffs Magazine, Canada

“(..) she brings to mind lovely memories of Canadian singer Jann Arden who also possesses such a highly pure singing voice.” – Rootstime, BE

“In her songs Ulrika tells real-life stories, about her home and about love. ‘Paper Planes and Skylines’ contains 10 tracks and has a mixture of traditional Nashvillesound and modern pop. A modern, happy country album that gets stuck in your head.”- Country Mag, DE

“A huge talent, a brilliant beautiful voice and thoughtful lyrics.” – Tant Gröns KulturOas, SWE

“Amazing voice, strong songs and on top of that she’s plays guitar well!” – Uno Svenningsson, Artist/Songwriter, SWE

“It hopefully won’t be long before Olund graces us with a full-length album.”
– Wildy’s World, US